Established 2009, Beast has produced more than 200 urban installations in more than 40 cities across Europe, United States and Japan.

With his ironic and provocative collages, Beast deconstructs well-known faces of politics and the world of entertainment, recreating scenarios to the limit of veracity, visual traps that can make us smile and reflect at the same time. His distinguished mash-ups, framed in gold and freely placed on the streets, have quickly attracted the attention of media, challenging the urban audience to question the truthfulness of the information, in a continuous play of references between the real world and the ideal world proposed by the artist. Beast brings new life to famous and other forgotten images in the photographic repertoire of our history, extending the horizons of street art in the folds between the political commentary and a sheer form of art. His true obsession for the icons of our time explores a variety of strategies to define the complexity of the political world, his “open-air galleries” promote an idea of democratic art, forcing the boundaries between the overwhelming vandalism and the urgency of the artistic expression. Beast transforms our streets into his own personal museum, a sincere homage offered to the city and its inhabitants through silent night-time interventions, returning to the early morning lights a humanized version of the indigenous reality.

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Browse the latest indoor collection of Beast limited edition prints. Signed and numbered edition of 75 | Screen Print on Century Cotton Wove | Hand washed archival paper | 170gms | 50x70cm

Cowlick First
Sing and Rejoice
Just so you know
We are the police and now we’re gonna start a riot
Gettin’ Jiggy Wit’ It
Trust Fall
Little sister
Eventually we all win
The workers are few
Banging on the ceiling
Come what may
When you’re this high you can say what you like
Trust Fall
Is it cold where you are this time of the year?
My left hand’s free
We are not businessmen, We are a business, man


Stroke Art Fair - Munich, Germany - Oct 2017

12 new artworks released in Munich, Germany through the STROKE Art Fair | Munich, DE | Oct 4th – 8th | 2017

Bond Solo Exhibition - Milan, Italy - July 2017

“32 Mixes for Cash” | 32 old failures&fakes hung on the walls at Bond Navigli | Jul 13th – Sep 1st | 2017

Public Art Festival 2017 - Athens, Greeece - June 2017

New body of work presented in Athens during the PAF 2017 II Edition | Athens, GR | Jun 16th – Jul 2nd | 2017

Oxford International Art Fair - Oxford, Uk - February 2017

Five new artworks released through GAA during the OIAF 2017 | Oxford, UK | Feb 24th – 26 | 2017

H Views Politics in Art - Zurich, Switzerland - November 2016

“Trust Fall” collection presented at HYDE Group Exhibition | H Views Politics in Art | Zuirch, CH | Nov 2016

Grenoble Street Art Festival - Grenoble, France - June 2016

A new series of 6 artworks unveiled in Grenoble during the GSAF 2016 | Grenoble, FR | June 19th 2016

Dream Factory Solo Exhibition - Milan, Italy - June 2016

One hundred pieces for this first solo exhibition in Milan at Dream Factory Gallery | Milan, IT | Jun 2016

Tokyo International Art Fair - Tokyo, Japan - May 2016

Five new artworks released through GAA during the Tokyo Int’l Art Fair 2016 | Tokyo, JP | May 8th 2016

Cologne Cityleaks Urban Festival - Cologne, Germany - Sept 2015

New body of work presented in Cologne during the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival | Cologne, DE | Sept 2015



Heavy clouds always break up

Beast, Street Art, Milano, Italy, Matteo Renzi, Angela Merkel, Tsipras, Matteo Salvini, Hollande, David Cameron, Iglesias

Heavy clouds always break up

Heavy clouds always break up



Should artists steer clear of politics on the theory that engagement with social issues stifles the pure nature of art?

The spectacular failure of that utopian question unleashed a darker, more active strain of politically oriented art that aimed to expose the corruption and injustice of real societies. The debate over the role of politics in art continues today in conflicts between defenders of quality and proponents of critique. Beast lies somewhere in between these black and white views, far to assume a mantle of victimhood and to interpret the world through his own frustrations, he adopts a variety of strategies to address the complexities of the political world, exploring modes of persuasions that engage the audience’s emotions and intellect. Beast presents a deceptively friendly veneer behind which political supremacy and cultural dominance lurk. He is promoting the idea of a participatory democracy, trading culture as a collaborative process in which no distinction is made between fine art and mass media, he has no “home” but rather operates like a nomad, installing frames in disperate cities, from historic buildings to posters on the sides of buses. In particular, he is interested in forcing “elitist” art institutions to open they doors to a more diverse constituency and a more engaged set of political and social causes. Beast turns the street into a stage, using pre-existing structures as a template for his concerns, ranging from the banal to images that actively engage the specific history, community needs, or cultural memory of a particular population or neighborhood. With this gesture, he went some way toward restoring a forgotten history, his canvases reflect an identity formed through virtual contact with an idealized distant world. Beast recreates his images not to debunk them, but to pay what seems to be the sincerest homage, in the process giving back to the politics fractured, humanised version of its most cherished fiction.

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