new york

In recent weeks, I walked around NYC with a sign like a Fb profile, going up to people who live on the streets.
I had about a hundred phrases to choose from, and I asked them if they wanted to let one of these sentences be their voice.
The sentences were varied. It was my intention to offer them the widest range of possible emotions from hatred to love, from suffering to humour.
Some of them mistook me for a police officer, and asked me to leave.
Some of them, after reading the sentences, did not feel represented by any of them.
Most of them gave me more of their time than I expected.
They were curious as to why I was doing this, but it was especially difficult for them to choose the right phrase.
They laughed while reading the funny ones and asked me how many people would see their faces and read their thoughts.
After taking the photo I thought it was right to offer them a few bucks for their time.
Some of them agreed, making me happy.
Most of them refused it with a smile, making me feel like a loser.
One of them said to me, “It’s easy to make a dollar if you play dumb.”
One of them realized that I was Italian and said, “Pack it. You’ll need it.”
All of them said, while looking at the sign: I’m not that guy.

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